Pattern emerging

17 Dec

Nick Griffin, everybody

Perennial smarty-pants Laurel noticed my pattern. I’m hitting the Laughing Skull Lounge regularly, every Thursday in fact. How lucky am I to have landed a gig reviewing a brand spanking new show every week? Um, yeah, it’s pretty cool. I am running into an issue though; I need a shitty comic to give me some street cred. with these reviews. If I continue with all of the glowing and gushing, you people will think that I can be bought with free stuff, which I probably can. But currently I’m not. Would anyone like to test this??? This week’s headliner is Nick Griffin and some of the shows were already sold out earlier this week. Get busy and get on with it if you want to catch this one yourself.

Jamie Ward continues his duties as announcer. It’s been fascinating to watch his set get tweaked and improve over these past few weeks. I had thought that it was already near perfect, but it’s only gotten better.

Myth buster Karen Hilton came out of the closet about having her college boyfriend come out of the closet. She thought that they had something special, something lasting. We’ve all been there, right? Wondering, “Am I so repulsive that I’d turn a man to his own team?” Apparently Karen’s Gay Blade put it to her this way: “Why would I buy the cow when I can fuck guys?” She’s moved on and even has a kid now. She used to have more.

This was my first time actually putting an eyeball on Trey Toler. I listened to him over the summer on the Laughing Skull podcast that he worked on with Marshall Chiles. Despite being mistaken for Lindsay Lohan’s girlfriend, I think that he is pretty dreamy for an actual dude. Toler has been doing his thing around Atlanta for a while now and he’s doing it well. He tied up his set with a fantastic reimagining of a late night Hot! Local! Singles! dating commercial. There was writhing. By him, not me. He promises that the girls have no STDs, if that means standards.

Manly man Bil Dwyer

Bil Dwyer is actually headlining this weekend at the Funny Farm in Roswell, but he came by the Skull to spread some love. Here’s what I dig about Dwyer: he is totally hetero manly man, but he can think like a snarky chick. Just ask him about Mormon fashion choices and you’ll understand what I mean. I love that he tackles the tough issues in his comedy. Tough issues like how a straight man would work the system if he were gay.

Nick Griffin has painted himself as quite the catch and I told him so. Modestly, he describes himself as a guy who just wants to wake up, make a few phone calls and take naps. I think his vein runs deeper though. Griffin is dry (as in a non-drinker), divorced, horny and struggling with an existential crisis: to grow up or commit to being creepy. I am kind of rooting for creepy to keep him relatable. Griffin covers a range of topics: the way men cry all butch, a very plausible theory why celebrities want to save the environment, good and practical reasons to actually have children, a Fantasy Citizens League and even a guess as to the contents of Christopher Walken’s sock drawer. Shudder.

Here is yet another ringing endorsement for something to do this weekend besides fretting over shopping, punishing your liver (though you can do that here too) or avoiding extended family in town for the holidays…or you can take them to a show and let the stand-ups do all of the talking for you. Even better.


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  1. Laurel December 17, 2010 at 11:49 pm #

    Busted! And…cool! I have some peeps I need to forward the link to your blog.

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