Raccoon eye

7 Jan

Hot Damn and Andy Kindler. Check out my raccoon eye.

It’s the start of a brand new year and from past experience all I can really say about that is that the more things change, the more they stay the same.  Last night was a Thursday in 2011, but I still hit da club like it was 2010.  So, yeah.  Without further fanfare, lets jump right into this week’s nyuck-nyuck review.

A new month means a shiny new host at the Laughing Skull Lounge.  Remember burgled victim, Gilbert Lawand, from last week’s tryst with Tom Simmons?  He’s back and getting comfy!  If you are hip to the Atlanta comedy circuit, you may actually recognize him from his Comedy Gold empire, formerly featured in the Sidelounge at the Landmark Diner.  It’s in “church on the move” mode at the moment, so Gilbert is ours for the next few weeks.  Yay!

Noah Gardenswartz has forever changed the way that I will look at x,y scatter charts.  Had my college econ. professor, Dr. Mounts, spent more time teaching the law of diminishing vaginal returns and less time on, say, theoretical widget production and snoozy bell-curves, I might have been more interested in learning economic theory.  As it were, I picked lit., and when Noah threatened to do a round of subject/verb agreement jokes I felt my tongue swell and my pupils dilate.

Condom newbie, Paul Gallois, made me proud to have not gone to directionally challenged West Georgia College.  After feeling like I dodged a bullet on that count, I took a hit after all.  My brain is now forever seared by a mental image of Paul committing a look-a-like hate crime on a dark n’ lovely lady with his free-form jazz styling.  Shudder.

Beards of Comedy dude and Regular Guys friend Andy Sandford has a monster talent for vague resolution, which I think is awfully timely for January.  Personally, I think it’s way smart to set yourself up for a series of attainable successes while assuring that you can avoid failure by simply not making mention of anything that you could lose at or that has the potential to suck you dry.  Normally I eschew resolutions and goal setting on grounds of it being trite, but I am going to give vague resolve a chance to change my life this year.  In 2011, Hot Dam will get up and do something every day.  Genius.  There is no way I’ll screw this up, unless I become gravely ill…and then it won’t matter that much.

Back from living abroad, Reginald D. Hunter brought his game to the stage for its U.S. debut.  Reggie has been holed up in England, or as he has dubbed it: white people’s Africa.  Reggie, who admits that he actually missed Krystal burgers, is feeling his way through reentry into American culture, where racism trumps the far more sneaky class system that exists in my motherland.  (As a side note, I have been to England a time or two.  I know that neither cuisine nor dental care are priorities there.  I am withholding judgment, Reggie.)

And drum-roll please for main attraction, recurring character that you know from practically every thing, curmudgeon Andy Kindler.  Right off the bat, Andy comes out swilling a Red Bull, recapping his ADD diagnosis, fidgeting with electronics and giving us the fair warning that a Thursday 8pm show is his warm-up, b-game night.  Uh-oh.  There were some really great highs to be had here, though.  I absolutely rollicked when Andy waxed poetic about the shortcomings of Billy Joel’s 1973 single, Piano Man, or when he went on a Sharper Image tear.  And he had me when he touched on “boot camps” and then launched into Jewvivor, his brilliant pitch for a new reality show.  Andy has a well deserved reputation for rich commentary on the state of his industry and a fearlessness when it comes to calling out fellow “comedians” who just dial it in.  When he teased us with Dennis Miller’s career dive, mentioned Saturday Night Live and whispered the name “Dane Cook”, I was expecting the mother-load.  Instead, I felt a little jilted and unsatisfied.  But, here’s my skinny:  I think that Andy is a cracker-jack examiner and extoller of what is funny, ironic and obvious to every one else.  Just puruse this and there will be no doubt just how well organized, concise and original Andy truly is.  That must be why it was so frustrating to watch things simply fizzle before my eyes.  He knows when his material isn’t all that fleshed out; he would  just acknowledge the lack of development and abruptly put a bit into free-fall.  I am torn between wondering if he was just warming up as he said earlier, or if  his shtick was to purposely be underprepared.  I can’t say.  Honestly, I was a bit underwhelmed.  But, what’s the saying about how even bad pizza is good pizza?  I think that even slightly lackluster comedy is better than sitting at home folding laundry, returning emails and signing permission slips.  Nonetheless, I had a great time and laughed hard enough that I smeared mascara all over my face (see the raccoon eye in picture above).  You never want to leave a comedy club looking prettier than when you walked in.  For me…mission accomplished.


3 Responses to “Raccoon eye”

  1. Tracy January 7, 2011 at 5:38 pm #

    Ok, I did NOT see any racoon eyes last night when being the professional photographer that I am. It must be that new camera. Time to find the missing one.

    Also- good review.

  2. Christopher Hall March 7, 2011 at 2:02 am #

    By the way, Dr. Mounts told me, “Charlotte’s memory of economic theory is a bit off but then so is economic theory.”

    • Hot damn, Charlotte Ann! March 7, 2011 at 10:51 am #

      It’s not that my memory is off. I was trying to be faithful to Noah’s suggestion that the more supply a skanky girl’s lady bits have experienced, for him personally, his demand would fall to nothing. He was saying that his return wouldn’t be diminished by higher supply, his return would never be.

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