Triple scoop of crazy

14 Jan

Hey Gucci, you got a little ice cream on your cheek.

Recently Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane filed a “Special Plea of Mental Incompetency” while in court for a probation revocation hearing.  Exactly which probation, I’m uncertain…he’s had so many run-ins with the Georgia fuzz, it’s hard to keep it all straight.  There’s cocaine, murder, weapons, assault charges and the like.  Usually when I hear that a criminal is going for the cuckoo angle, my first thought is that they are at least with it enough to know that if they plead a case of the crazies they can avoid time getting their salad tossed in the pokey.  However, I think that Mr. Mane might have just proven that he is off his rocker for reals.  How?  Two words: FACE TATTOO.  That’s how.

Threatening, right?

Most people with face tattoos go for menacing.  Think about Mike Tyson’s tribal motif.

It’s, like, Cape Fear intimidating, no?

Or how about L’il Wayne’s tear drops with I Fear God spread over his eyelids.

This one got his name tattoed on his chest.

Or this guy.  I don’t know his name but he pops up on documentaries about circus freaks and extreme tattooing.  I’d be in complete alarm if I bumped into lizard-dude.

I dunno people.  Back to Gucci…a triple scoop of what appears to be blue-raspberry sherbet in a sugar cone getting struck by red lightning bolts is both just weird and nonsensical.  I’m not so much appalled as I am Sad Clown sad.  When I first saw the picture I thought Gucci had been to a carnival and gotten his face painted.  I hope that he gets to spend as much time as he likes playing skee-ball and ring-toss.

And on a side note, any idea what the over/under life expectancy is on bangers with face tattoos?


2 Responses to “Triple scoop of crazy”

  1. Laurel January 14, 2011 at 9:15 am #

    Wow. Ice cream cone. Reckon he had a case of the munchies when he picked that image to be emblazoned on his face in perpetuity?

  2. Jack February 4, 2011 at 11:53 am #

    lilweezys face is because he has killed people

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