You like this?

1 Feb

Really, I just need to get over it and move on.  I don’t “get” tattoos in the same way that my Grandparents couldn’t get on board with that “niggra rock n’ roll music”.  I don’t ever even recall them listening to anything even as modern as the Cole Porter songbook.  They couldn’t wrap their minds around the thud of drums nor the vocal stylings of Mick Jagger.

The music scared my Grandparents, the album cover scarred me

It’s the same for me with “body art”.  Is it because my body is a temple?  Well, considering the kind of shape I’m in, that’s likely not it.  It could be that I change outfits three times before I go out.  I can’t commit to what I want to put over my body for an evening, much less on it for the rest of my life.  Having a tattoo on my ankle would be like wearing the same theme sock for the rest of my life.  The sock I would have picked out at age 17 is very different from the sock I’d wear today.

I think that most people who get tattooed have it done to commemorate something that holds an exclusive sentiment, to honor a special event or to memorialize a favorite parent.  Or, they really think it’s beautiful art.  Jews are the exception to this, by the way.  I buy t-shirts and jewelry as my life-experience souvenirs.  But I swear, I think there is a growing segment of the tattoo community that forego sporting a straight-jacket in public and just get shit inked on them so they can wear their mental health on the outside, as a sleeve.  Recently, we discussed Atlantan Gucci Mane’s triple scoop of face crazy here.  Well,  Atlanta’s own T. Pain must have drank some of Gucci’s water because he got some new “art” on a recent trip to Hawaii.

T-Pain loves FaceBook. I guess I just think it's okay.

I wonder if Auto-tune’s biggest fan made sure that he could get licensing on this bad-boy.  Maybe it’s a moot idea since it doesn’t really look all that much like what I know it’s supposed to be.  Did Mr. Pain and the hack with the tattoo needle light up some sherm before he got going?  This thing is not only dumb, it’s awful…it looks like a poorly lettered, grammatically incorrect (hello, don’t they have apostrophes in our 50th state?) black keloid with a rendering of some sort of pipe fitting or industrial faucet.  At least it’s not on his forehead, right?

Truth is, I’ve actually seen some pretty interesting tattoos.  And I have seen some that are very tongue in cheek.  What’s the best tattoo that you’ve ever seen?


3 Responses to “You like this?”

  1. Laurel February 1, 2011 at 8:40 am #

    Gotta go with DeNiro’s Ten Commandments in Cape Fear.

  2. patrick nichols February 1, 2011 at 9:12 am #

    Have seen many bad tattos throughout the years working in emergency medicine. Once took care of a young lady in the ER, who said she was a “professional dancer,” funny she did not look like she toured with the Boleshoi, anyway. Had a “caution” road sign on her lower abdomen…ironic that she was being treated for an STD.

  3. GO February 3, 2011 at 12:07 am #

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