Rapt by Emo Phillips

11 Feb


Despite that damn groundhog not freaking out over a shadow last week, winter continues.  It’s cold; it’s damp and all gray, all the time.  I’m over it a big way and it’s giving me a case of the sads, but at least I always have a warm spot on Thursday nights.  You know what I’m talking’ bout by now.   The Laughing Skull Lounge has become my happy place, and this week did not disappoint.

The many talents of Shalewa Sharpe are astounding as she continues her taking the helm during February.  In looking for new ways to incorporate movement and exercise into her daily routine, Shalewa has jumped into the craze of dancing for her workout.  But not on a pole, not in a  Zumba studio, not Jazzercise…I won’t spoil it, but suffice it to say that she is the only person I know who is breaking a sweat to ragtime tunes.

Lethal badass, Dan Weeks, was back this week.  He’s sharpening his skills in a karate studio in Alpharetta dojo and has managed to clear up some questions I’ve always had about the real life application of martial arts.  As you may recall from this, I once donned a gi, but didn’t stick around quite long enough to unlock the mysteries of winning a bar brawl.  Turns out it’s rather complicated and involves more talking and instruction than I’d like to be involved with.


Mike Kaiser

Titled Best Comic of Atlanta – Male, Mike Kaiser got thoughtful on the stage.  He’s one of those guys who says, “I’m not religious, I’m spiritual”.  Raised with Christian Values, Mike has been playing some doctrine over in his head.  Particularly, Mike has wondered if the Golden Rule of “do unto others” is the genesis of redneck homo fear.  He makes a really convincing argument.  Mike is a student who not only pays attention to just his book studies, but has held onto subtle life lessons as well.  For instance, I have always chalked up the D.A.R.E. program as one of those hysterical propaganda campaigns fed to public school kids to satisfy a government quota on the evils of drugs, booze and gang-banging education.  Well, that’s accurate, actually.  But by paying attention, D.A.R.E. is where Mike learned that adults are obedient and dumb.  That’s a huge life-lesson.  I don’t think I got that until after college.  Of course, D.A.R.E. was after my time.


Actually, this is remarkable...in a good way


Penile time traveler Marshall Chiles has changed the way that I am looking at the most recent statistics regarding escalating unemployment rates.  Seeing the world’s problems through Marshall’s eyes is seeing a world with a glass that’s half full.  Think about all of the people you have ever met.  Ever.  Jackasses, geniuses, mouth-breathers, burners, athletes, class presidents, paste-eaters and so on.  Now consider that if we are truly at 10% unemployment, that means that exactly 9 out of 10 of those people have jobs.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.


I was rapt by Emo Phillips


People made a lot of noise for the evening’s headliner.  Let me start here: Emo Phillips is striking.  He looks like the loveable hippy love child of Anna Wintour and a 1967 Pete Townsend.  And then there’s his voice.  Initially, I had to adjust my ear to wade through Emo’s cadence.  His delivery reminds me of this kid I went to middle school with who ran for student class president in every grade.  His lilt goes up and down in the same way, like he’s remembering what his parents told him about not having a monotone voice when he gives the big election speech where he calls for longer recess, better lunch and fewer core classes.  Being a lover of words and the intricacy of language, I was in hog heaven last night.  Emo is known for speaking in paraprosdokians and garden path statements.  What this means is that you really have to wait for the full delivery to “get” the joke.  He is continually twisting figures of speech, double meanings and playing with homophones; you know that what he is saying is incredibly well thought out and I was blown away by all of the layers in the set.  As an example, he mentions “being at the Wailing Wall with a harpoon”.  Read it aloud.  Get it?  Something that is unique here is that as pants-wetting-funny as Emo is, he is utterly inoffensive.  There are no casualties in Emo’s ribbing, which is so rare.  In addition to his quirky musings, colorful quips and occasional self-deprecating remarks, Emo shares some of the many greeting cards he’s created.  With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you may want to take note as the pressure is on as you are trying convey truthful feelings in a note to your special sweetie.

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