WTF Marc Maron

18 Mar

Kiss me, Im Irish!

Without too much detail, St. Patrick’s Day 1993 was responsible for #2 of my all-time Top 5 Hangovers.  It culminated with a trip to a maxillofacial dentist to unhinge my jaw that locked up after 12 hours of violently expelling green lager.  Ever since, I do not go out on March 17.  Ever.  But the headliner at the Laughing Skull Lounge this week is Marc Maron.  I had no choice.  It had to be done.

If I had to go out , then I kiss the feet of God for putting me at the Skull last night; a place that doesn’t give a rat’s ass about pandering to St. Patrick’s Day.  True, that when I walked through the Vortex I saw some ghetto leprechauns with gold teef and a smattering of acrylic Kelly green wigs, but I was spared the rank smell of corned beef, boiled cabbage, scotch eggs (it’s too gross to go into…but it’s for eating.  By humans.) and stale beer.

Must speak Hindi

Continuing his hosting duties, Tushar Singh, proved that things aren’t always what they seem and that everything just sounds funny when it’s said in an Apu Kwik-E-Mart voice.  During a week when there is a lot of international trouble brewing, Tushar is an optimist about impending threats here in the U.S.  There won’t ever be another 9/11; surely they’ll pick another date.  See, isn’t that the glass being half full?

Mike Kaiser kick-started the shamrock clad evening by admitting that he is an 1800s era racist when it comes to the Irish.  It’s an odd, sticky little historical uh-oh that has been swept under the rug.  It makes me wonder if one day we’ll be celebrating MLK day by wearing Afros with Nehru jackets and swilling malt liquor.  I hope not.  I guess that you could say that Mike is something of a history buff, and so a good bit of his comedy centers on referencing world events both past and present.  We discussed the Bible, the presidency of Warren G. Harding, the repeal of “Don’t ask, don’t tell” and what it means, President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize and the ironic places abstinence rings can end up in.

Since she was the blackest person living in Peachtree City, Margaret Cho has moved ITP and is stopping in left and right.  How lucky are we?  Now that she’s all citified, she’s looking for a boyfriend.  This past week she was at Smith’s Olde Bar and met a dude who made her “cockblind” to her friends.  You know how it is when you go out with your girlfriends and one of your girls meets a guy and suddenly mentally dumps you all.  She gets tunnel vision for one thing.  But once the spell was broken, Margaret has been able to snap back into reality and keep up with current events.  She’s disgusted that during the disaster looming over Japan, the top Google trends have been Charlie Sheen’s crack up and Snookie news.  Of course, it’s an inner conflict, because while the Japan situation is undoubtedly deserving of total focus, she hates herself for still needing to know what Snookie’s done now.

WTF is Hot Damn doing with Marc Maron?

Oh, Marc Maron.  What a breath of fresh, self-loathing, hypercritical, provocative air you are!  He’s not insensitive; he’s ignorant.  He won’t talk to you like you’re stupid; he’ll talk to you like you’re foreign.   He’s nervous, not a racist.  However, if you don’t know, Marc Maron currently has the top comedy podcast in the country.  It’s called WTF, and you can check it out here.  His podcasts are very conversational and so is his stand-up show.  It’s not jokes, per se, but just chatting.  It’s like sitting in a really big living room listening to a party guest telling stories about himself and places he’s been.  But, really odd, self-deprecating stories that rationalize his neurosis.

Garden of Eden...with penguin

Recently, Marc visited the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky.  He went for all of the wrong reasons: to mock.  It turns out that the agenda is to simply close about a 350 million year gap, where people had dinosaurs for pets.  That’s all.  I am thinking it must be the foundation idea of the Flintstones.  Marc says that the museum was actually quite well done and had lots of really great exhibits, like the Old Testament one with swarthy, overtly Jewish animatronic prophets Moses, Abraham and Isaiah who collectively looked like Sid Cesar, Gabe Kaplan and Richard Lewis.  Then directly across the hallway was the New Testament one with the Apostle Paul, looking very WASPy.  No agenda at the museum.  There was also a wonderful diorama of the Garden of Eden complete with a taxidermied bear, a penguin and a dinosaur munching a pineapple.  Of course, that makes total sense.

Lot’s of things must make sense and seem more clear to Marc these days.  A while back, he ditched doing booze and drugs.  All of his demons were just exhausted from the lifestyle.  Now he texts and drives for kicks.  At least if he dies engaging in this risky, forbidden behavior he’ll leave some last words for his legacy.  Something else Marc isn’t into is celebrating is the porn industry.  As a woman, that makes me happy.  However, Marc does rationalize behavior and if he was to accidentally stumble on a free site or find some wayward magazine pages left by a porn troll at an underpass then it would probably be okay.

In an attempt to uplift him after his divorce gave him a case of the sads, Marc’s doctor hooked him up with some Viagra.  Despite his wiener being in control, and needing to even like its target, he’s found love once more.  Then his heart hand shooed her away.  But she’s coming back into his life again, though this time he’s not going to give her the keys to the locks that he had changed to keep her out in the first place.


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  1. Tracy March 18, 2011 at 1:07 pm #

    Is Marc’s shirt all wet? Hmmm…

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