Skull festival

8 Apr

It’s April, so festival season is getting kicked up.  I’ve been to all sorts of festivals and there are usually a few common threads: crappy crafts, dirty stoners milling around outside and burrito stands.  The Laughing Skull’s Comedy Festival bucks what you know.  For one thing, it lasts more than a weekend, it’s mostly inside and you’re not ready to go home when it’s done.  In place of homemade dream-catchers and hand loomed scarves, there’s a pretty cool t-shirt designed by Trey Toler.  And who needs burritos made in a lean to shack when the Vortex is just through the hallway?

So, for the past few months the “festival” has been rolling all over the country.  Winning comics have been submitted and whittled down to 72 finalists.  Between Wednesday and Saturday night there will be a winner.  But that’s just incidental.  There are all sorts of other things going on when the funny isn’t being made…poker games, workshops with industry insiders, late night parties at the Cleremont Lounge and even a kickball game at Piedmont Park on Saturday at 3:00.  What could be better than seeing a bunch of pale comics taking it to the field?

Last night I saw the early show and the joint was jumping.  There were twelve comics who each did a few minutes of their best material.  It ran the gamut from Easy buttons, grammar, rapper street credibility, volunteerism and drugs.  Hell, there was even a Morrissey reference.  Nice.  Margaret Cho wrapped it all together at the end while the judges decided the winners of that show.  In order: Ari Shaffir, Tim Armstrong, Johnathan Pfindler, and Leo Flowers.

Winner Ari Shaffir


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