Fun in the end with Danny Bevins

13 May

May is shit.  When I was still in school and my parents took care of things, May was THE shit.  Big difference.  For me, May used to be when the school year began to wind down and you mentally checked out of anything stressful, summer plans were coming into focus, shopping for bathing suits wasn’t tearful, the pool was open, and it was finally getting warm.  As a semi-responsible adult, May now means that I am constantly on the verge of diarrhea:  a tuition down-payment is due soon, I have just weeks to get everything straight before those children are with me 24/7, the crunch to tie up vacation planning is vise like, the flurry of “end of the year” parties, aurally painful “performances” must be attended, the struggle to make Snakebite study for exams is in full force and real snakes are coming out of their winter hibernation.  And baseball is at it’s peak.  Right now Hot Tub is in the playoffs and it’s exciting, but you can’t really plan anything until it’s over.

Last night the Mets were playing the Marlins…at 7:30pm.  I was not consulted on this scheduling, because I usually hit the Laughing Skull Lounge at 8pm on Thursday nights.  I figured I could slip out of the game early and still make some of the opening and be there for headliner Danny Bevins’ whole set.  But the Marlins are the team that everyone wants to beat because they are historically so tight and by the third inning it was an even score.  Nails were being bitten, hair was being yanked and I couldn’t leave.  I was riveted, plus it would look bad to Hot Tub if I split before he hit again.  The game went long.  The great news is that “we” won 5 to 2.  The bad news is that I didn’t slither into the Skull until 9:40pm, missing the chunk of Danny’s act.

What I found out in our abbreviated time together is that Danny and I share a belief that judging people, and copping to it, is a-okay.  Just this week I covered my feelings about it here.  The word “judgment” makes a lot of people brustle.  Danny’s take is that what we are doing isn’t so much judgment in the spirit of biblical damnation, but it’s more akin to risk assessment.  As a woman, I call it a survival skill.  Back in my early days, there was a lot of moral propaganda about how you can’t judge a book by its cover and we just all need to be open to every one.  People are individuals and they all have a story.  There was more than one After School Special premised on that very gobbledy-gook.  Eff that, my time is valuable and I can look at a dust-jacket and decide if I want to buy it and read it…or not.  And I can choose to skip the bargain bin entirely.

The truth is that none of us are so special and so unique that we are more deserving of second chances, longer looks, loving scrutiny, exceptions and white glove handling than the masses.  We’ve all seeped from the same primordial ooze and end up in identical dust piles.  Well, unless you are an Egyptian pharaoh or a current eccentric who gets mummified.  I digress.  Danny’s vibe is that whatever you do between the two: make it count.  And why not?  Rock your own world and quit caring about who’s checking out your cover.

The world says it craves honesty, but it really doesn’t.  The world says it values curiosity and joy.  But you’ll be punished if it’s too obvious or it makes anyone else feel badly about themselves.  Opening his mouth and expressing the moment has gotten Danny “dismissed” from a lot of situations.  Aw, hell, it’s gotten him kicked out of everything from his private school at age 6, to Church and even a funeral.  Damn!  Personally, I’m impressed by a good “We are going to have to ask you to leave…” story.

Speaking of leaving, Danny ended with what happened when he was recently booted from that funeral.  I was on his side.  Of course his is the only version of what went down that I know.  Talk of funerals spark memories of ones I’ve attended, seen on television or just known about.  I’ve been to a lot.  Funerals for old people, young people, black funerals (the best), rich people, poor people, terminally ill people, suicides, accidental deaths, natural causes.  You know, it happens to everyone.  Is it a celebration of life or an excuse to put on a dark suit and spend the day in a down spiral because someone has quit?  It depends on your angle.  Danny errs on the side of celebration.  In fact, he has already planned his own funeral and I hope to God that we are friends when he skids sideways over the rainbow.  It is going to be spectacular.  I don’t want to ruin it for his friends and family, because I’m certain the whole lot of them are Hot Damn, Charlotte Ann! subscribers.  I will tell that Danny’s exit party strategy involves the hearse pulling bootlegger turns, carnival barkers and air canons.  Not bad.

Danny is here through Sunday.  Because I missed most of the show, I am planning to go back this weekend and see the whole thing.  We got our chat on backstage and this guy has a background that is made for great stories: Dad was a Green Beret, Mom was Jesus’ #1 fan (which, I dig) and he was born in Tampa.  I can write a series of blogs on the crazy shit that goes down in Florida alone.  Danny, like me, grew up pre-internet and so he’s “old school”.  That people, is an endorsement.  If your kids’ team has already fallen out of play-offs (because they aren’t as good as my kid’s!), you’re finished studying for exams, or you’re just ready to get your swerve on, go check him out.  If you like my blog, you’ll get him.


One Response to “Fun in the end with Danny Bevins”

  1. carla reeves May 13, 2011 at 2:33 pm #

    Where do you come up with this stuff? you are a genius!!

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