It’s finally over

11 Jul

Top Mom, Casey Anthony

So, that damn Casey Anthony trial finally got all wrapped up last week.  Thank God!  I was just on the verge of not being able to take it anymore.  I didn’t want to watch it or get involved, but I had no choice.  Nancy Grace was attached like a snapping turtle, it was splashed across magazines, was on the news non-stop and on all of my gossip sites.  How could I have avoided it?  What did you think of the verdict?

Well, thanks to Twitter I know that Kim Kardashian was “speechless”, sister Khloe was “disgusted”, while LeAnn Rimes was “shocked” and Aubrey O’Day was “tense” and needed her “bikini, beach and sis” stat for some “therapy”.  Oh, my.  That does sound serious.  I mean these are girls who have sex tapes, gold digging, husband snatching, and fame-whoring reality shows on their resumes.  That’s a dearth of good judgement right there.  Does anyone know how Trace Cyrus has weighed in?

The truth of the matter here boils down to that whole thing about “if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck.”  Except that in our judicial system, you still have to prove that it is a duck.  This makes people really angry.  Except for when it’s Rodney King.  Then you set fires in the street and loot.  The only thing that has been proven about Casey Anthony beyond a reasonable doubt is that she is trashy, has no soul and pathologically makes bad decisions.  And that is not illegal; it’s just poor form.  Like wearing stone-washed jorts to play golf.

Never do this

Now there is a petition circulating to create a new two part federal law to quell public outrage.  It will be called “Caylee’s Law”.  Don’t confuse this with another one called “Kaylee’s Law”.  This probably isn’t the time for me to rant about how people spell their names, is it?  The first component is that a parent must report a missing child within 24 hours.  The second is that you must report the death of a child within the hour of discovery.  Um, duh, right?  Has it really come to this, that we are demanding legislation for common sense and taking care of business?  I am so going to run for the position of Tastefulness Risk Management Czar.


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