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Hot Damn’s hiatus starts in a hot mess

31 May

Hot Damn is going on hiatus.  Not to worry, it’s not like in 1983 when NBC put the well-loved Manimal on hiatus.  After eight riveting episodes of the always dapper and often breathy Dr. Jonathan Chase morphing into hawks, panthers and menacing snakes to assist hottie Detective Brooke Mackenzie with important investigations, executives at NBC put a hold on Manimal.  Presumably, the special effects were just so ground breaking and mind-blowingly realistic, that the studio simply needed more time to deliver quality transformations of a three-piece suit clad Dr. Chase into a horse.  But we know how it played out.  There was never an episode nine.

Unfortunately, this past week saw me transform from Hot Damn into a hacking, exhausted, ear clogged, fevered, upper respiratory infected Hot Mess.  And it’s bad timing to boot.  Remember that big summer trip?  So, I am unplugging for the next three weeks or so.  However, I have two new Moleskine notebooks, three new pins and a promise to take lots of notes.  Hot Damn will be back with lots of tales.  So, in the words of Jim Kerr…

“Don’t you forget about me… don’t, don’t, don’t don’t.”